Epigenetics Nutrition Physical Therapy



"The doctor of the future will give no medicine but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet, and the cause and prevention of disease." -Thomas Edison

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Course Description:

Nutritional Boot Camp is an intuitive, powerful, and logical class on simple lifestyle modifications with nutrient-dense, fresh whole foods, and properly prepared foundational nutrition. This course is intended to teach how to understand the different aspects of holistic healing principles, rejuvenating practices, and regenerative lifestyle combined with the power of foundational nutrition. It teaches how food should be prepared and stored to maintain its nutritional potency. The class provides a real experience of how fresh and nutritious food should taste.

The course covers how modern health care has evolved, learn about the new frontier of healing with Applied Epigenetics, the Principles of Holistic Healing, and Anatomy of the Immune System, the Cell’s Functional Anatomy and Design, Foundational Nutrition, Restorative Sleep, and Leaky Gut Syndrome. This course also allows the participants to taste real fresh raw food, freshly juiced vegetables while learning the practical ways of the proper food preparation. It also discusses food labels, different food, and external toxins, effective detoxification management options such as Fasting: Intermittent Fasting, Juice Fasting, and finally covers the Anatomy of the Immune System Tools.

Epigenetics Nutrition Physical Therapy
Meet Gigi

Dr. Gigi Siton, DPT, Founder and CEO of Holistic Physical Therapy, has a doctorate in physical therapy with thirty-two years of clinical experience. In looking for better outcomes for, she dedicated her time exploring how epigenetics can improve the lives of her patients. She empowers and provides hope to all her patients in their healing process. In her books, she shared how comprehensive and holistic therapies have had outstanding and life changing treatments using traditional century old and cultural history-based medicine together with a combination of the scientific discoveries that can break the status quo in achieving impressive healing successes. In a no nonsense, down to earth, step by step, she relates a new approach to better health. With the focus on how to improve our immune system, in these current pandemic challenges has never been before relevant.

Understanding Epigenetics
Book 1


Why It Is Important To Know is to take epigenetics concepts from the ivory tower of academics down to daily health practice. She used a simple analogy for your body as a machine but self-healing. This book is about understanding epigenetics, why it important to know the basic concepts of epigenetics, applied epigenetics, and your bio-individual metabolic physiology. This way, it is easier to unlock its basic concepts and principles into more usable and compelling self-healing tools for every human being on earth. display nothing and just showcase an image.

Anatomy of Epigenetics
Book 2


Understanding The Anatomy Of Epigenetics is to understand the anatomy that is actively involved in epigenetics’ physiology. It is essential to know precisely where in your body epigenetics happens. You need to get familiar with your basic cell anatomy. Why your cell is necessary, what is made of, how it works, and its role in epigenetics. What you do affects each cell in your body.

How Epigenetics Heal You
Book 3


Understanding How Epigenetics Heals where you will learn how you can reprogram epigenetics information to influence your gene expression. Your decisions, either big or small, on each factor, will positively or negatively update or downgrade your epigenome. What you feel, think, eat, breathe, drink, sleep, sun exposure, detox, fast, and pray are all epigenetic information that tweaks your gene expression on or off.display nothing and just showcase an image.